Sage: Anim Graph Editor


  • Sage is a powerful and flexible Animation State Machine and Blend Graph system. Complete with a fully featured graph based editor.  
  • Sage enables you to easily control all of your characters animations using an intuitive visual interface!  
  • Use Sage to make it quick and easy to have great looking animations in your game!  
  • Robustly blend animations with little to no coding using Sage! No more writing massive amounts of code to ensure your characters various animations smoothly blend into each other!


  • Full Graph Based Editor
  • Optimized C# Anim Graph Runtime
  • Realtime Visual Debugging
  • State Machines
  • Blend Graphs
  • Nested Graph Tree Heirachy
  • Automatic State Transitions
  • Robust Animation Variables
  • Editor Undo/Redo Support
  • Full Unity Indie and Pro Support


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Tutorial Videos



  • There is one main script that is used to interact with the Sage Library, and the scripts that are automatically generated to encapsulate the functionality of a specific Sage Library.  Here is the C# version and JavaScript version...
  • Below are screenshots of how this Sage Library was setup to accomplish this demo...



Main State Machine
Move Blend Graph
Walk State Machine

Walk Forward Blend Graph

Walk Backward Blend Graph

Run State Machine

Run Forward Blend Graph

Run Backward Blend Graph

Arms Parallel State Machine