CuRSe: Collision Reaction System


           CuRSe is a tool that makes it easy to trigger effects when physics objects collide. For example, use CuRSe if you want an easy, no scripting required, way to trigger a sound and a particle system when an ice block hits a stone wall. Or wood hitting dirt. Or any other combinations of physics materials colliding! CuRSe makes all of that easy to do, all with an intuitive built-in editor! 



  • Easily trigger effects when physics objects collide 
  • Built-in custom editor for easy configuration 
  • No scripting required 
  • Fast to integrate into your game; only 2 components required 
  • Included support for Particle and Sound effects 
  • Extendable C# classes for creating custom collision effects 
  • Full Documentation 
  • Included example level 
  • Automatically restores links to moved or renamed assets